My essential MacBook Air add-ons

macbook-air-gallery1-2014The MacBook Air is a great portable yet full-featured laptop.  It is thin, lightweight, and functional.macbook-air-gallery2-2014

However, it suffers on one very important feature:  Storage.

The flash storage is fast:  Because it is not a traditional hard drive, it has no moving parts.  But, the cost of the SSD limits the storage on the MacBook Air.  At least on the older versions.  I got the Mid-2013 128GB version.  Suffice it to say, it is now running at 98% capacity.

The immediate solution is to get two drives.


SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive

sandisk-ultra-fitThis goes on one of the USB ports on the MacBook Air.  For $30, it adds 128GB of extra storage.  The limitation is if the USB port is one of the “slower” USB 2.0 (and not the USB 3.0).  So this would be good for storing and accessing data that does not require fast data transfer (music, photos, Word documents, etc.)

There are also other small-ish USB drives out there, such as the Samsung Flash Drive Fit and the Lexar JumpDrive.  Both of which come in 128GB so plenty of extra storage.


Transcend JetDrivetranscend-drive

There are several flavors of this drive.  I initially got the 128GB version, but recently had to get the 256GB version.  Depending on your budget and your needs, I would recommend one or the other.


Of course, you can also upgrade the boot drive.  This is a bit trickier, since it will require you to do research on the type of drive you need (Mid-2013 and newer requires PCIe SSD, which are different from the earlier laptops that use SATA).

With a 128GB flash drive and a 256GB JetDrive, I added enough storage to store my files from DropBox and Google Drive, as well as Photos Library and iTunes.




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I am a University Professor. A Neuroscientist by trade, and a technophile/geek on the side. My work and research is heavily dependent on computers and state-of-the-art technology. I like Jazz and Bossa Nova. I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele.

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