Apple Special Event – September 7

Big news regarding the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 (10 notable features)

  • Design – refined design; new finish (jet black) high gloss finish, aluminum body with embedded antenna and single glass face
  • Home button – home, multitasking, siri, accessibility, touch ID, reachability, apple pay; NOW with taptic engine API, force-sensitive, solid-state
  •  Water and dust resistant!!!  IP67 protection standard
  • Camera –
    • OIS on BOTH phones,
    • f1.8 lens,
    • 1st camera has six-element lens 12MP sensor (60% faster, 30% energy efficient)
    • Quad-LED tru tone flash
    • Apple-designed image signal processor (ISP) with 2x throughput
    • 7MP 2nd front-side (selfie) camera
    • with iPhone 7 Plus, there are TWO cameras (one has wide-angle, other has telephoto 2x) with zoom-feature built in to iPhone, zoom up to 10x (with software zoom)
    • Bokeh for shallow depth of field with two lens (but this should already be feasible with f1.8 lens?!)
  • Retina HD Display – 25% brighter, Wide color gamut Cinema standard, Color management, 3D touch
  • Speakers – louder
  • EarPods – lightning connector for headphones; apple EarPods included with iPhone 7; lightning adapter for headphone jack ALSO included
    • Removed jack because lightning can be used, smartphone technology, wireless (Apple AirPods)
  • Wireless AirPods – with battery and charger built into case (24h total listening power); Beats Solo3 Wireless and Powerbeats3 Wireless and Beatsx
  • ApplePay updated for use around the world (NFC and Felica technology); also included in Apple Watch Series 2
  • Performance
    • A10 Fusion – New Generation Chip; 64-bit 4-core CPU; two high-performance cores (40% faster than A9, 2x faster than A8), two high-efficiency cores (1/5 power of high-performance cores) for longer battery life
    • Graphics performance – 50% faster than A9, 3x faster than A8; 2/3 power of A9, 1/2 power of A8
    • “Longest battery life ever in an iPhone”
  • iOS 10


Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus DOUBLED its storage (32GB, 128GB, 256GB) from original for SAME prices as old Apple 6S and 6S Plus

Home Kit – a home app that integrates management of home devices from your phone




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