Motorola VerveLoop+ Wireless Earbuds – Review

Motorola VerveLoop Plus“Take your music anywhere with the Motorola Verve Loop+. These wireless stereo earbuds are super light, perfect for high impact activities, and are IP57 water and sweat proof to hold strong during your most intense workouts – indoors our outside. The integrated mic lets you take calls with ease without having to reach for your phone, while the extended 150 feet of range gives you mobility at the gym or the office. Go ahead, listen to music for up to 9.5 hours without interruption using your phone, tablet, or computer. Verve Loop+ Super Light, Waterproof, Wireless Stereo Earbuds. Cut loose.”


  • Sweat & waterproof (IP57 protection)
  • Super light with HD Sound
  • Up to 9.5h Playtime*
  • Up to 150ft of range
  • Siri & Google Now compatible
  • Integrated mic for calls

IMG_0487It comes with a black neoprene zipped carrying sport case, stabilizers/fitclips, and several sizes of eargels.  It is supposed to come with a charging micro-USB cable, but my set did not come with one.  It does not come with a charger.  However, you can use any micro-USB cable and charger to charge this headset, and I have a lot lying around from various devices.  The charging port is on side of the power/volume module, and has an orange (not black) rubber cover.  It took a few hours to charge to full (was not fully charged out of the box).  Pairing to my iPhone 6+ was easy after power-up (no security code required).

IMG_0490The fit is nice, but needs a bit of work.  The eargels are held in place by the stabilizers.  The stock ones (Medium?) were the best fit, the small and large did not fit me.  These are comfortable earbuds to use.  Coupled with Bluetooth (wireless), this is a decent backup to my current go-to Bluetooth headset for workouts, the Jabra Sport Pulse Stereo Headset with HRM or my Denon AH-W150 In-Ear Headphones.

Why a backup?  Well, unlike my Jabra Sport Pulse and my Denon AH-W150, these Motorol VerveLoop+ bluetooth headset does NOT pair with my iMac or MacBook Pro.  The product description states that these can be paired with computers, so not being able to do so is quite disappointing because I use my headphones with my iMac and MBP all the time.

Unfortunately, the Motorola website is not user-friendly:  There are no support pages for this headset to see if there is an update on the firmware, software for advanced control.  And because it is relatively new (at least I think it is new), others have not reported problems with it.

The controls are minimal in function.  There are volume up and down buttons. Press both at the same time to change the EQ setting during music playback.  Mute a call by pressing and holding the + and – buttons.  Reject a call by pressing and holding either + or – button.  To issue a Voice Command (ie. Siri), press and hold + or – during idle or music playback mode, then say the command.

The middle button turns the headphones on and off.  It is the button to answer and end phone calls.  It also the play/pause button when listening to music. Double press the middle button to go to the next track, and triple press it to go to previous track.

The battery life is very good, but not as long as I expected.  It lasted an average of about 6 hours of continuous use.  This was mixed use, about half hour phone use, the rest is for audio/music.  I have yet to see 9.5 hours of “continuous playtime” but I suppose the key description is “up to 9.5 hours.”  Having said that, these last longer than my Jabra Sport Pulse (about 5 hours of real-time use).

It took a bit of adjusting to get the best “HD sound” out of these.  Although the sound is very good, it is not the best I’ve heard.  Even with optimal fit, it seems a bit lacking on the low end initially.  This may have been due to finding the optimal fit, so I’m still playing around with this.  Once I got the right fit for the lows/bass, the highs no longer seem as good.  It seems either muddy or tinny.  I’m in the middle of “burning in” these headphones at night when I am not using them (several nights of 4-6 hours continuous audio playtime, with various music genres ranging from Classical, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Dance, etc.).  I’m not sure if burning in helped with the lows, so stay tuned for further updates.  (Note:  Headphone “burn-in” is a contentious topic among audiophiles, some think it helps while others think it is a waste of time.  It has to do with breaking in the headphone drivers to improve sound.)

I suppose it is sweat-proof enough (at least for me).  I ran 10K while using these.  The only problems I had was that the left earbud kept popping out of my ear.

The mic is acceptable.  It is not wind-proof, so it was practically unusable under windy conditions OR when running.  It was fine when I walked.  However, I was told by several people that I broke apart on their end.  And when I did come in I sounded a bit tinny.  So the mic gets an average rating.

The range (distance from phone) is surprisingly very good.  I don’t know how far away I was, but I left my phone in the living room in the front area of the house, and I stayed connected when I went upstairs to the bedroom in the other side of the house.  It went through several walls, one floor up and the other side of the house.  Motorola VerveLoop Plus 2


  • Comfortable. Secure fit.
  • Easy to pair with iPhone 6+ and various iPads.
  • Sound is decent.


  • Short battery life (about 60% of max battery advertised)
  • Sound is lacking on low end
  • Mic is unimpressive
  • Does NOT pair with iMac or MacBook Pro (both El Capitan OS)

I would not use this for more active sports, like basketball or tennis.  I use this to listen to music and monitor my training while running, on a treadmill or stationary bike, etc.

I give this a strong 3-star/weak 4-star rating.  The lack of Mac integration, as well as an above-average sound and mic quality prevent me from giving this a 5-star or even an enthusiastic 4-star rating.


About Ask Conrad
I am a University Professor. A Neuroscientist by trade, and a technophile/geek on the side. My work and research is heavily dependent on computers and state-of-the-art technology. I like Jazz and Bossa Nova. I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele.

4 Responses to Motorola VerveLoop+ Wireless Earbuds – Review

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi. I’m trying to figure out if 3M Peltor Skull Screw tips will fit on these. I know they will stick out a bit further, but I need the NRR rating of the skull screws. Any idea if they would fit instead of the gel buds that come with them? Thanks for any help!

    • Ask Conrad says:

      The tips will fit these VerveLoop+ earbuds. However, it may affect the fit of the ear stabilizers. Depending on how far out (or if at all) the 3M tips push the earbud housing. Best case is the tips do not affect the fit of the housing and the ear stabilizers on your ear. Worse case is that with the 3M tips the stabilizers do not fit the ear, but with the 3M tips hopefully you won’t need the stabilizers anymore.

  2. Berry Ke says:

    How do these compare to the Jabra Sport and the Denon? Which of the three would you recommend?

  3. Brian Wilson says:

    I recently bought the Motorola verveloop+ earbuds.l find them very comfortable, light,well made with a good sound. A very well spent sixty quid.

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