Droid Bionic demo at Verizon store

Droid Bionic Demo

“Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real?”

A recent picture shows a Verizon sales representative with a *gasp* Droid Bionic in her hand.

A Motorola representative stopped by a Verizon store with a Bionic in tow.

Thanks to Nate Rios for posting, and to the astute individual who took the photo.

The conversation must have went something like this:

Motorola rep:  Hey.  How you doing?

Verizon rep:  (Notices large bulge in front pocket) My, what’s that in your pocket?

Motorola rep:  Wouldn’t you like to know…

Verizon rep:  Not really.  Unless it’s a bionic.

Motorola rep:  Actually, it IS “Bionic,” and it’s 4 and a half inches!

Verizon rep:  Um… ok.

Motorola rep:  Here, let’s see how it fits in your hand.

Verizon rep:  What?!

Motorola rep:  Be careful, you might need both hands to hold it.

Verizon rep:  WTF?!  (thinking of where she left her pepper spray).

Motorola rep:  (Leans on counter) So, I drive a Porsche convertible.  Want to go for a ride top down?

Verizon rep:  You really shouldn’t use “4 and a half inches” and “Porsche” in the same conversation.  But this Bionic looks nice!


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